Just Thirty More Days and My Little Girl Will Be Three!

2016-04-03 17.52.39Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Time flies?” It couldn’t be more true when it comes to children. One moment, I’m holding my newborn in my arms watching her coo, rocking her to sleep, and the next moment I’m watching her run and jump and listening to her tell me how much fun she had at the park. For the past few months, my husband and I have been prepping our daughter to no longer say that she’s two. When someone asks her how old she is, Quinn proudly responds, “I will be three on May 3rd!” Most recently, I’ve found that I too require some prepping as my daughter reaches three years old. There are so  many more milestones she will reach, and more of “baby girl” will be left behind as she continues to discover the world, evolve and become more independent. Wow, it’s just thirty more days to go. We have a Mickey Mouse Countdown tool which only heightens the anticipation. In the words of my little girl, “It’ll be here before you know it!” I have a feeling that she’ll be excited and more than ready. I just hope that I will too.

All the best,


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