What Would We Do Without It Wednesdays: Determination, Persistence and Patience

“I did it, Mommy! Did you see me? I did it!” my little girl excitedly informs me. Whether it’s doing one of the skills of the day at The Little Gym or putting her shoes on the correct feet all by herself, I’ve proudly observed how determined, persistent and patient she can be. I often hear people remark about the most recent generations and how they do not work as hard or often want instant gratification without putting in the work, and I do not want my daughter to fall into this category.

Sometimes, my daughter, who will be three in less than a week, will grow frustrated and whine a little if she’s having difficulties putting on her shirt, doing a puzzle or building a tower after advising me that she can do it herself, but this is only natural, especially at her age. I do, however, love that regardless of how flustered she becomes, Quinn will keep on trying or realize that she may need a little help. My hope is that my daughter will continue to be determined, persistent and patient as she learns new tasks and skills because they’re not only important towards her current development, but these attributes will, in part, shape who she becomes as an adult. What would we do without these attributes?

All the best,



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