Mommy’s Monday Moments: Immortal Thoughts from a Mortal

“What’s that say?” My little girl points to the park bench that has two separate plaques honoring loved ones who passed away. “He was our Pop Pop Al…A special storyteller…our friend…Al Kaplan.” I paused as I reached the dates corresponding with his life and death. Though I do not know this man, nor his wife Ann, who’s name was present on a separate plaque, many thoughts ran through my mind pertaining to how loved they must have been, my own mortality as well as my husband’s and even my daughter’s. The phrase, “You’re not promised tomorrow” may be trite, but it is very true. Both people lived over 80 years, which is truly a blessing because there are some people who may not even make it to eight years old or even eight days old, so I try not to take my life or the lives of others for granted.

Knowing that my daughter will be turning three tomorrow on May 3rd makes me eternally grateful. I lover her so much and have learned a great deal from her. One of those important lessons is to prioritize. While I do enjoy teaching and strive to put forth my best effort, my family is even more important to me. I’ve been blessed to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to spend more time with my daughter than the average parents do. Some people have no choice but to enroll their children into daycare when they are as young as six weeks, but my husband and I have works schedules that allow Quinn to stay at home. Watching her grow so quickly and knowing that I am a mere mortal and have no idea of how long I will be in her life or she will be in mine does make me a little contemplative, but instead of focusing on the depressing what-ifs, I thank God that we have each other right now and pray that all we’ve taught each other and the memories we have together will become immortal.

All the best,


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