Terrific Toy Tuesday: Let’s Leapfrog for the Perfect Laptop

2016-06-02 07.25.08“Mommy, may I have my laptop? I need to send some emails to my friends.” my three old requested. No, she doesn’t have a real laptop, but it’s just perfect for her. The Leap Frog lap top (or My Own Leaptop, as it is called) has many wonderful features to promote Quinn’s intellectual and social development as well as her critical thinking. It has a little keyboard and multiple settings for sending emails, learning the letters of the alphabet, words that begin with certain letters and even a guessing game to figure out which animal or item is displaying on the screen by using the first letter with which it begins.

leaptopSince my husband works from home  a couple of days a week and I teach a combination of online courses and in-class courses during the fall and spring, she often observes us at some point or another using our laptops. In these instances, she will often ask for her laptop so that we can all work together. Another feature I really love about this toy is that it is associated with Violet, the Leapfrog puppy Quinn also has, and she will receive an email or two from Violet, which she really enjoys. There is a version with Scout, the boy puppy as well. It comes in green. I would recommend this toy for anyone whose child is into technology or just wants a fun way to reinforce learning letters and even new words too.

All the best,


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