Bye Bye Mommy & Me Class: Will My Little Girl Miss You as Much as I Will?

2016-06-01 11.00.51It’s official! My daughter and I attended our last parent and child class at the Little Gym last week. Now that she’s three, my big girl will be in class all by herself this upcoming Monday. I remember starting class with her when she was just six months old and just crawling around, giggling and babbling. Now she’s jumping, running and climbing and able to verbalize how she feels and what she’s thinking.

2016-06-01 10.42.12When I asked her what type of class she would like to do for the summer, she excitedly said, “I want to do a dance class, Mommy!” While my little girl loves to dance around the house, makes up her own little fancy moves and is very eager to wear her little tap and ballet shoes, I’m not too sure if she understands that I will not be in the class with her tomorrow. It does, however, it please me to know that she is already familiar with the teacher and really enjoys going to The Little Gym.

She does a wonderful job following the teacher’s directions and staying focused when we’re in class together, so I’m confident that she will be able to do this even when I’m not right there with her.  This class will also be a wonderful transition for us both since Quinn will begin attending preschool in September for the first time. Wow, my little girl is growing up so quickly, and I’m so glad we were able to have so many memorable moments together in class at The Little Gym.

All the best,


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