What Would We Do Without It Wednesday: Fun-Filled Energy

“Let’s go for a run in the grass, Mommy!” or “Can I jump on the bed for a little while? are just two of the many requests made by my daughter. This three year old is full of so much energy, and it seems like whenever I am the most exhausted is when she is the most energized. While this may be overwhelming and even draining at times, as a positive, it is nice to have a little busy body around to keep me on my toes because she actually recharges me from time to time.

What would I do without my extremely energetic little girl who keeps me motivated me to be more active and healthy to not only keep up with her but to be around for her well into adulthood. It’s awesome how our children have the ability to bring out the best in us.Thanks so much my sweet girl. What would I do without you?

All the best,


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