Happy Father’s Day: Can’t Forget About Daddy’s Baby Steps!

On Mother’s Day, my husband joked about how restaurants are booked to capacity, yet on Father’s Day you can just walk in the day of with no reservation and be seated immediately. While he said this lightheartedly, the reality is that there are many children without fathers or father figures in their lives. He is such a wonderful and caring father and very involved in our daughter’s life. He even works from home two days a week to be home with her.

As soon as Quinn woke up this morning, she asked, “Is today Father’s Day?” When I responded, “Yes it it.” She smiled and belted out, “Yipee! It’s Father’s Day! We get to give presents to daddy.” Though my blog focuses mainly on my journey as a mom to my now three year old little girl, I could not imagine this journey without my husband. He’s always been a great and giving person since I’ve known him, but watching his journey as a father and observing him develop a bond with our daughter has brought us even closer and makes me love him even more.

My hope is that he feels appreciated not just on father’s day but everyday.  I wholeheartedly appreciate all that he does for our little girl and our family. Here’s to all of the fantastic fathers out there: Happy Father’s Day!

All the best,


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