What Would We Do Without It Wednesday: Wishes Do Come True! Dancing With Super Grover


The music was pumping. Everyone was clapping, cheering and so excited. Then, suddenly and unexpectedly he reached out for her hand to join him in a dance. I’ve never seen my little girl so happy, starstruck and enamored all at the same time. It was Super Grover, one of her absolute favorite characters (Quinn even insisted on making a Super Grover pumpkin last Halloween.) asking her and my niece and even her little Grover who she carries everywhere to join him in the Sesame Place Parade.

Mind you, she loves the parade and will request to watch it frequently on Youtube. Seeing the parade live is a treat, and she would have an absolute meltdown if we were to ever leave before the parade occurs at Sesame Place. This truly was a special and memorable moment for her, and I’m so happy I quickly whipped out my iPod to record it for her. Though she occasionally danced and followed the moves, all she wanted to do was hold Super Grover’s hand and stare at him. This was just last week, and we just went back again today with our season pass she was not selected this time, and she thought Super Grover did not want to dance with her anymore. I had to reassure her that this was not the case, but this also allowed me to teach her another lesson about once in a lifetime events and how we must be grateful for them.

Regardless of our ages, we all deserve to have those opportunities and moments in our lives. It pleases me so much that I was there to witness one of these moments with my daughter. What would we do without them?

All the best,


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