On the First Day of Christmas: My Little Girl Gave to Me…Fun Picking Out Our Tree

On the first day of Christmas, my little girl gave to me, fun picking out our Christmas tree. Selecting a Christmas tree on Black Friday has been a tradition my husband and I started since we had my daughter, and now that she’s three and a half, she really looks forward to that special outing. Quinn loves having the responsibility of choosing our tree and takes it very seriously. This year she insisted, “Mommy, it has to be very tall and fluffy!” Within less than five minutes, she found the perfect tree. “It’s taller than Daddy!” she exclaimed. We asked if she wanted to look at others, and with absolute certainty she said, “No, this is the one!” For the past few years, our tree’s have been named Greeny, Big Green Jr. and  BG3. This year, Quinn came up with the name Bert.

Once we got “Bert” home, she wanted to help her daddy bring him into his new home and set him up. It’s so nice to see her face light up, and I’m happy to share this tradition with her.

All the best,


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