On the Eleventh Day of Christmas, My Little Girl Gave to Me…Eagerly Counting Down Until It’s Christmas Day

“Now, there’s only one day left until Christmas, Daddy!” I overheard my daughter saying. Puzzled, I came into her bedroom to see how Quinn believed there were one three days remaining when there was actually ten. She was using the Melissa & Doug Countdown Christmas Tree I purchased her last year and put the ornaments on the tree so that only one day was left. “I’m just joking, Daddy! I just put more ornaments on the tree so Christmas can come sooner,” she informed him.

If only it worked that way, I would have made Christmas come faster all the time when I was younger. The anticipation and excitement for Christmas to come, though overwhelming at times, was a feeling like no other. It was a magical time, and I am looking forward to my three year old experiencing that magic too.

Now, with Christmas Eve tomorrow, we’re all counting down and ready to not just enjoy exchanging gifts but each other’s company.

All the best,


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