The Metamorphosis of My Little Girl: From Baby to Toddler and Now Preschooler

2017-01-29-16-44-56Who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Change can happen in an instant” or some variation of this statement? This is definitely true when I observe my little girl who will be four in three short months. A couple of weeks ago, she got her face painted as a butterfly at her cousin’s birthday party, and I thought to myself, “Wow, mommy’s little caterpillar is becoming a beautiful butterfly!” She’s grown so much in such a short duration of time, and I absolutely treasure the moments we have together and the opportunity to watch her spread her wings.

It’s somewhat bittersweet because as much as I look forward to the day when she’s able to fly with little to no assistance from me, I’m going to miss her wanting me to help her and guide her on her many destinations. But I am absolutely blessed to be able to observe her beautiful metamorphosis from newborn to baby to toddler and now preschooler. Here’s to the many more beautiful transitions she has yet to experience…well that we have yet to experience.

All the best,



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