Life’s a Beach: Fun in the Sand and Ocean with My Little Girl

Toes wiggling in the sand with a smile on her sun-kissed face. Then waves crashing against her body reaching her shoulders at times as she squealed and yelled out, “Here comes another wave!” I am so happy that we decided to take our daughter to the beach for some summer fun in Ocean City, Maryland and most recently to Atlantic City, as a much closer commute.

Quinn’s first time down the shore was when she was merely three months old when we just walked the boardwalk, but in the years to follow, we’ve made our way down to the actual beach and in the ocean and had the time of our lives enjoying nature together for hours.

This year, my four year old had fun collecting seashells and building sandcastles with her dad and cousins too. She also insisted on being making “mush,” a combination of sand and water, and being buried in the sand. While sand has a way of sticking around for days and even weeks after leaving the beach, it is well worth it to build wonderful memories as a family and to see that smile on my little girl’s face. Here’s to many more visits to the beach throughout the rest of the summer and in the years to come.

All the best,


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