The Tooth Fairy’s Visit: A Memorable Moment and Milestone for My Little Girl

“Did you see her, Mommy? “She came! The tooth fairy came!” my missing tooth little girl told me still not fully awake from her slumber. Yesterday, my four year old lost her first tooth, and though it was emotional for me, I wanted to make it memorable for her. We talked about the tooth fairy, and Quinn asked me many questions. “Will she take the tooth back to her castle? Will she come in my room? How big is she? Will she return my tooth so that we can save it?”

I remember losing my first tooth when I was about her age. Wow, have things changed with the tooth fairy since then! There’s so many ways to make it a memorable experience beyond getting a monetary gift.

I purchased Quinn the complete tooth fairy kit through Amazon that included a satin bag for the tooth, a special case to house all of her baby teeth as she loses them and a hanger for the door knob so that he tooth fairy knows to stop by her room.

Though the tooth fairy is very busy collecting teeth, I wanted to ensure that there was a record of her visiting Quinn. She was kindly took the time to carefully examine my daughter’s tooth and to wrote up a detailed receipt.

The tooth fairy even gave me heads up through an App called Tooth Fairy Camera so that I’d know when she was stopping by so that I could get a little video clip of her to share with Quinn, which she just loved! Despite still coming to grips with my daughter having a milestone that signifies leaving behind babyhood and being a sliver of a step closer to adulthood, this was a memorable experience for us both.


Check out the one minute trailer below about he ooh fairy’s visit. She makes a cameo appearance it the end.

All the best,


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