On the Third Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me a Meet and Greet with Santa, Her and Me (and Grover too)!

Santa and Quinn 2017 3On the Third Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me a Meet and Greet with Santa, Her and Me (and Grover too)! When it was time for Quinn to talk with Santa and take a picture, she signaled for me to come too. I sat on “What’s your name?” With a nervous smile, she quietly said, “Quinn.” He then asked, “What would you like for Christmas, Quinn?” She paused and drew a blank reminiscent of the scene from “A Christmas Story” with Ralphie when Santa coached him into getting a football. My four year old, still drawing a blank, blurted out, “A cat!” “A cat,” Santa replied and smiled. “A cat, I thought to myself with a puzzled look.” I then asked, “Do you mean the robot cat, Quinn?” “Yes, that’s the one!” She confirmed.

When it was time to take the picture, Santa said, “Quinn, do you want to make sure Grover is facing the camera? I can tell he is well-loved.” I thought that was so nice and will be something she will remember.

Later on, she told me she was nervous and just couldn’t remember what she wanted. She even wanted to go back and talk to Santa some more and ask him how Mrs. Claus was doing. There’s something special about seeing Santa. Even as an adult it’s a nostalgic experience for me. I sense Quinn’s innocence and willingness to hope and believe, and I love the magical feeling that Santa gives. As you can see, I look even more excited to sit next to Santa than Quinn.

All the best,


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