A Glimpse of My Little Girl’s Preschool World

“Mommy, are you coming to my school this week?” My little girl asked me with a big smile and eagerness in her voice. “Not this week, but I’ll be coming in next week. “Next week, we’ll be learning about the human body. Maybe we can find a book about it,” she suggested. At least once a month, I have the opportunity to come to my daughter’s four year old preschool classroom to read a story, participate with Shabbat (though we are not Jewish, we both enjoy the service and what it represents) and snack time. The last time I came, Quinn and her classmates were learning about the solar system, so she suggested that I bring in Dr. Seuss’s There’s No Place Like Space. It was a big hit with the children, and they were all eager to help out and identify the different planets. Little did I know, my daughter’s teacher was taking my picture as I read to the children.

I remember when I was younger, and my mother would occasionally come to my class. It was a wonderful feeling having her there. Now that I’m a mom, it feels awesome being able to go to my daughter’s classroom. After each classroom visit, Quinn gives me a big hug and kiss and then thanks me for coming to her school. I hope as she gets older I’ll be able to continue to be a part of her world at school.

All the best,


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