Surprise! LOL with My Little Girl

“See, this little sister is color changing, and she squirts water from her mouth,” my daughter explained as she showed me the enclosed booklet. My four and a half year old was so articulate and had no problem telling me all about the different L.O.L. toy options and how these little surprise toys can be categorized. There’s Big Sisters, Little Sisters, Pets, and charm fizz all waiting in different size L.O.L. Balls in the aisles of Target, Walmart and other retail stores where children, young and old, empty the shelves hoping to collect all within a series or that special one that will fulfill the collection group.

While they do come with little pieces and are basically knick knacks that amount to clutter over time, I do love seeing my daughter’s eyes light up as she unpackages her latest L.O.L surprise. She has even made an effort to take on chores around the house to earn them. I know I would have wanted them when I was her age, so I find myself laughing out loud as she surprised me becoming the teacher and I becoming the student learning all about L.O.L surprises.

All the best,


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