Being a Mom is No Piece of Cake, But Baking One with My Daughter is a Wonderful, Memorable Experience

“I’m so excited, Mommy!” my daughter exclaimed as we gathered up the ingredients to bake a cake. She’s helped me bake cookies, cupcakes and even dinner in the past, but yesterday was the first time she helped to bake a cake almost all on her own. As we did our measurements and added the ingredients, it made me think about the phrase, “Life is  no piece of cake!” Being a mother and trying to balance family life and work life certainly is no piece of cake at times, and it truly is a sweet treat when it all falls in place from time to time.

Actually, as we were preparing the frosting, I realized that I did not let an extra stick of butter sit out to be softened, and it made me think about how as a mother it is sometimes necessary to improvise and find a way to make it work, In this instance, softening up the butter was an easy fix, but there are some instances when it’s simply not. For instance, I would not feel comfortable using regular flour instead of cake flour or using some type of egg substitute instead of real eggs for the recipe. But something my grandmother taught me about baking still resonates with me. The recipe and ingredients are just guides. As I begin to feel more comfortable, I will eventually make the recipe my own.

I feel like the same applies with motherhood. I don’t have all of the answers, but as time goes on I am beginning to feel a little more at ease with my child rearing techniques in hopes that we will have more sweet moments than bitter ones.

As Quinn frosted her cake, she nervously said, “Mommy, I’m trying to frost it like you showed me, but it’s getting everywhere.” I assured her that it was okay and the more she bakes the better she will become. It just takes time and patience. I just love how there is a teachable moment in just about everything we do, and I hope that I am demonstrating this lesson to my daughter as well as we share these memorable moments together.

All the best,


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