Motherhood & Childhood: Hoping The Mirror Reflects True Happiness, Not Just an Illusion

A mirror: known as a reflecting surface. Something that gives a true representation, but does it really? Or is it our interpretation or impression of what is being reflected?

A few weeks ago, my daughter and I were in a fun house with mirrors that give the illusion of one being taller, shorter and even wider, and she was fascinated by how her reflection changed from mirror to mirror very well knowing that she still physically looked the same but the mirrors gave the impression that she was something different.

This made me think about how she may mirror me and reflect back the energy I put out. For some reason it left me pensively wondering about the illusions many mothers perform, trying to be perfect, trying to do it all, wanting the best for our children and just hoping we’re doing it right yet giving the illusion that we do it effortlessly. As Quinn stood in front of the mirror making her taller, I reflected on how she will be when she is older. How much will my actions of today reflect her tomorrow?

The memories of my childhood definitely reflects who I am today, and I just hope one day my daughter will be able to look into her mirror as an adult and feel that her childhood and life reflects happiness and wonderful memories that she holds near and dear to her heart and are not mere illusions.

All the best,


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