Hoping a Great First Day of Kindergarten Equals a Wonderful First School Year

This morning was a big milestone day for us. My husband and I took our daughter to her new school for her first day of kindergarten and anxiously waited for a detailed report on how everything went once school was over. With butterflies in my stomach, I still had to go in for my first day of teaching, so when my class concluded, I raced from the classroom, got in my car and drove directly home hoping to arrive just in time for my little girl to be walking up the street with her dad so that I could immediately hear about her first day, and I made it!

Quinn said that she had a great day and got to go the music room and played outside. The teacher read fun stories, and she at all of her lunch in the lunchroom. My heart finally stopped palpitating as Quinn told me about her day. I now feel a bit more comfortable in her ability to transition to a new school environment and that it involves. I’m so grateful and glad that my little girl had a great first day. Here’s to her having a wonderful first year!

All the best,


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