On the Tenth Day of Christmas, My Daughter Gave to Me…A Chance to Search and Find a Little Christmas Joy

On the tenth day of Christmas, my daughter gave to me…a chance to search and find a little Christmas joy. Since my sweet girl was hospitalized at the beginning of this week, she’s been listless, only wanting to occasionally drink water, had a fever around the clock and just looks so pitiful. The team of doctors have been great with devising an aggressive course of action to get Quinn on the road to recovery as she not only battles ear infections but bacterial pneumonia and adenovirus. Yesterday, after more tests, they decided to change her antibiotic a third time to something even stronger.

Immediately after the doctors left Quinnie’s hospital room with the new plan, she perked up. As her dad sat next to her on the bed offering her comfort, Quinn asked for a snack, was talking more and asking questions. She seemed to have more energy and even smiled. It feels like ages since I’ve seen her smile. Though she reverted back to feeling listless with that pitiful look of exhaustion and discomfort on her face within ten or fifteen minutes, that brief moment of seeing the Quinn I know gave me hope.

I went home briefly to get washed up and decided to bring back a Christmas Fun Search and Find book in hopes of seeing her perk up again because my five year old has always loved search and finds. When I showed her the book, and asked if she’d like to do one together, she agreed. Even with her feeling ill, she was still keen on identifying and locating the Christmas items in the book. After the first one, I asked if she’d like to do another to which she responded in her faint voice, “Maybe later, Mommy.”

While it certainly hasn’t been fun, I’m so glad the doctors have been deliberate in their efforts to search and find out what is going on with my little girl so that they may treat her properly and get her on the road to recovery as we hope for a little Christmas Joy.

All the best,


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