This “Generation” Loves Playing School: Awesome Academy of Fun with My Little Girl

Though my daughter is only is only in kindergarten, she loves school. Whenever I ask her what she enjoyed most about her day when she comes home from school, she usually says, “Everything!” She loves, reading, writing, math, art, music, gym and any activity involving learning, especially when it’s made to be fun.

To promote my five year old’s enthusiasm for learning, along with her imaginative play, one of her Christmas gifts this year was Our Generation Awesome Academy School Room for 18 inch dolls exclusively sold at Target. It does come at a steep price of $139.99, but the Christmas sale price was twenty dollars cheaper. This school room comes with two desks for the students, a desk for the teacher, a real chalkboard, whiteboard, recess bell, a real working clock, a working fire drill bell along with every little thing necessary to have a real classroom.

Though she is still recovering from being ill and hospitalized most of last week, Quinn just loves her school room. Immediately after breakfast, she goes over to press the school bell letting Sophia and Luciana know it’s time for school. Observing her makes me reminisce about how much I loved playing school and how it played a major role in me wanting to become a teacher.

All the best,


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