Grover’s “Toy Story” Adventures and Treasured Moments with My Little Girl

Playing games, reading and painting activities at home. Fun trips to the park and zoo, countless restaurants, and of course, Sesame Place. Grover has seen so much and been through so much in his five years with my daughter, Quinn. When we went to see “Toy Story 4,” along with Grover as one of Quinn’s companions, it made me think about all of the treasured moments my six year old and Grover have had together.

Grover entered her life around one years old as a surprise gift when her father and I had our first date night where she spent the night at my mother’s house for the first time. I wanted to give her something special when we returned, and when I saw Grover at the local toy store in Peddlers Village, I was immediately drawn to him and knew he would be perfect for her. Plus, Grover was always one of my favorite Sesame Street characters.

Quinn loved Grover from day one. He offered her comfort at night and during naps. She even made a Grover pumpkin for Halloween one year. Even now, he can often be found either on her lap or on the passenger seat next to her when we’re going on a car ride somewhere. In his five years, my heart raced as we scrambled around the zoo in search of Grover who was somehow left at the picnic bench. One time, we had to retrieve him from the local Marshall’s store from the front desk after I asked the question I’ve posed hundreds of times or that Quinn asked me, “Where’s Grover?!”

From his years of being loved so much, he’s endured several machine washings and three “eye” surgeries to restore his sight from his pupils wearing away. Even though his lip is busted some, he still smiles alongside Quinn knowing that Elmo and a plethora of other stuffed animals have failed to take his place.

Sadly, both Grover and I know that his days are numbered as Quinn gets older and continues to become more interested in her American Girl doll, but for now, she still loves him so much and still includes him in tea parties and outings. Grover has a special place in my heart too. He has allowed me to see how affectionate Quinn can be, and with her being an only child, she finds comfort in having him as her near and dear friend.

If only Grover could talk, the stories he’d tell! I hope he’s enjoying being a part of our family as much as we enjoy having him be a part of ours.

All the best,


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