Look Out, First Grade! Here She Comes!

With her book bag on her back and a smile on her face, my little girl was ready for first grade this morning. She’s been eager to start since the last day of kindergarten asking when we could go “back to school” shopping. I remember when we were celebrating her milestone turning one years old, now she’s already in first grade!

Quinn learned so much in kindergarten, and I’m so grateful that I was able to help out in her classroom and watch her blossom. A year later, she’s reading, writing, doing math and really enjoys learning. I’m hoping I’ll be called upon to help out again in her first grade classroom from time to time.

As I waited in the school yard with Quinn this morning and briefly met her teacher, it is an emotional moment. My little girl is no longer on the “kindergarten” side of the school yard and has grown so much in a short duration of time.

“I had a great first day of school in first grade!” Quinn said with excitement when her dad and I picked her up today. I’m confident that she will have many wonderful experiences. It’s so exciting thinking about what this new school year will bring for Quinn, my first grader.

All the best,


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