A Class Act App that Hits Close to Home

Last September, I posted about an app my daughter’s school is using: Class Dojo and how wonderful it is. I was so impressed that I even signed up for Class Dojo Beyond: a reward system where my six year old could earn points and rewards to use as a supplement for the star rewards chart we’ve been using since Quinn was a toddler.

For the past few months, we’ve been gradually using Class Dojo Beyond, and so far it’s been terrific. Even though Quinn my six year old enjoys reading, using learning resources and helping out around the house, earning points and rewards keeps her motivated and accountable. It’s been a great way to not only teach basic math but problem solving. She often strategizes and determines if it’s worth using a screen time reward or a reward to stay up a little later on the weekend. Whenever she cashes in points, the next question is, “How many points do I have left?” Without me suggesting it, she told me, “I want to make sure I always have at least 100 points, Mommy.” I think this is quite wise on her part.

We’ve found that Class Dojo Beyond is far more than a point reward system. There’s some fabulous bonus features. One day, I noticed a routines section which enhances the experience. Dinner chats presents random questions to get the conversation going and can certainly be used beyond the dinner table. The questions range from what cartoon character would you be to share a time when you were scared to if you only had one wish, what would it be and why? I love this feature, not simply because of the critical thinking but because of the bonding and sharing component.

If your child’s school uses Class Dojo, and Class Dojo Beyond as an option, it is worth the additional fee. Not only children, but adults can benefit from this resource. It helps instilling those core values that can make a solid and positive person.

All the best,


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