Last Day of School: Reflecting on Many Unprecedented First Grade Memories

My daughter made it to the last day of first grade, or should I say “we” made it! The first six months or so of the school year were filled with many wonderful memories from forming new friendships, becoming more independent and learning new skills. I never would have guessed that the last three months of the school year would be online learning at home with minimal interaction from her friends, only online feedback from her teacher yet way more involvement from me as a resource to ensure that she learns the materials required.

I’m grateful for Quinn’s resilience and eagerness to learn, and I’m also grateful that I had the flexibility in my schedule and opportunity to see my daughter grow, not just intellectually but socially and emotionally. While we’re not quite sure what the set-up for second grade will be with Covid-19 CDC guidelines, I am hoping that we’re able to have a wonderful, fun-filled summer break and that my seven year old’s love for learning continues for years to come.

All the best,


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