“Seeing” Myself in My Daughter

When Quinn came home after doing some shopping with her dad a couple of weeks ago, she was excited to show me what she purchased from Claire’s with her gift card she got for Christmas from her aunt. As she took items out of the bag, I was quickly reminded about what I liked when I was about her age: jewelry and glasses.

I didn’t need glasses as a child but always wanted a pair to cover up my mole between my eyebrows. Plus at one point it just seemed cool and fun to wear glasses. Quinn doesn’t need glasses either but was so excited to buy two pair of non-prescription glasses at Claire’s. They do look nice on her, and she looks even more like her dad who did need to wear glasses.

Now, for the past week or so, she’s asked if she could wear them to school. I said sure as I thought about being her age wanting to pretend I wore classes, and of course her teacher and friends even asked if they were real. Occasionally, her teacher will post pictures on Class Dojo of the students doing activities, and low and behold, I saw one of Quinn doing her presentation wearing her “new glasses.” That picture made me see a glimpse of myself as a child.

All the best,


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