It’s My Tenth Mommyversary, But I Still Have Big Shoes to Fill!

I can’t believe I’m celebrating my tenth “mommyversary!” I’ve learned and grown so much, but I still have big shoes to fill. Interestingly, one of the gifts my husband and daughter gave me was quite symbolic and reminded me of this fact. About a month ago, my husband sent me a text about a pair of sneakers he planned on purchasing for our daughter for her ninth birthday, and I replied back saying that I wouldn’t mind a pair of those as well and have always loved the classic Adidas sneakers. Little did I know, he was purchasing a pair for the both of us to wear together on Mother’s Day because Quinn wanted us to be twins. She was so excited, and I was too.

Then, the card she gave me just added to the symbolic gesture. It said, “Mom, I’ve got some really big shoes to fill.” She then told me that she picked the card because she loves wearing my shoes and how she hopes to be like me when she grows up. This made my day but made me think about how I’m still learning and growing as a mother. Quinn is in her last year of single digits. Her interests are constantly evolving, and she will be a tween before I know it. I noticed on the side of the sneaker it says, “Superstar” in gold, which is how she often views me. I hope that I can continue to fill those shoes and be the mom that she needs in the years to come.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms, mothers to be, aunties, mother-like-figures, etc.

All the best,


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