Summer in Review

Summer went by so quickly…maybe because it’s been almost three years since my family has had a schedule full of activities outside of the home due to the pandemic. While I happy that we had so much fun, I’ve been negligent in sharing my mommy’s baby steps journey. Though summer IS officially over, I just have to provide a recap on some of our favorite moments.

We went to the beach so much this summer and even took our little toy poodle to a dog beach as well. Something simple that brought back childhood memories for me was catching and releasing lightning bugs with my daughter. While I’m no longer a roller coaster enthusiast, Quinn had a ball getting on just about every ride at Six Flags Great Adventure and Hersheypark with family and friends.

She even enjoyed coming to strength training with me and cheering me on and occasionally jeering me on in a playful way to encourage me.

This was a wonderful summer, and I’m grateful for the moments we had this summer.

All the best,


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