Musing Over Mommy Daughter Salon Day

“Will you and Quinn be getting your hair done at the salon once a month?” my sister asked, to which I replied, “Yes!” My daughter got her hair done at the salon for the first time at eight years old for her birthday, and it was such a memorable experience not just for her but for me too. In wearing my hair in its natural curly state, I tend to do it myself, but since I got some color, I’ve been going to the salon more frequently to maintain my color and keep it healthy.

Of course, Quinn wanted to be a part of that experience, and I figured why not?! Even though I know it won’t last long with my workouts that sweat out my hair quickly, today, I decided to get a silk press instead of wearing my hair curly. Though we currently have different hair colors, Quinn was so excited to be “twins,” insisting that I have my part in the middle like her and not a side part. With the rain, my hair is already puffing up a little in the front, but I’m glad we have this salon time together to bond and am looking forward to this once a month.

All the best,


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