As It All “Falls” Down, I Glad I Can “Leave” It to My Daughter To Help Out

While I love autumn and the beautiful colors of the leaves, they eventually find their way on the ground, yard and sidewalk. The nostalgia of jumping in the leaves as a kid and watching my daughter play in the leaves giggling and tossing them everywhere is fleeting.

But there’s new moments which may not be as fun but are memorable. While most nine year olds are glued to their devices and have to be cajoled and pried off the couch to do chores, especially yard work, my nine year old volunteered even without the incentive of earning an allowance. So of course, I decided to give her a little something for working hard and expecting nothing but just wanting to help me. 🥰

Here’s to hoping that she keeps this work ethic well into teenage years. ☺️🤞🏽

All the best,


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