On the Eleventh Day of Christmas 2022: Reflecting on Christmas Future

Fourth Grade

No toys, no dolls, no games. My nine year old just wants clothes, lotions, skincare items and gift cards for Christmas. 😩 In the very near future, I see the list dwindling down to maybe one big ticket item and gift cards. Though some parents may get excited about this knowing that the long nights of building toys and unscrewing lids to insert batteries is just about over, I will miss these moments.

The childlike festivities of Christmas that I’ve looked forward to so much with Quinn are diminishing. 🥹 While I’m content with the pace in which she’s maturing, I’m already missing my little girl and the toys and gifts under the tree. But even still, I look forward to simply spending time with her and my family for years to come.

All the best,


All the best,


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