Don’t You Wish Your Baby Had a Tutu Like Me!

Quinn's Half Birthday (Photo Taken by Devon Anne Photography)

Quinn’s Half Birthday (Photo Taken by Devon Anne Photography)

For the past few years, tutus have been the craze for little girls’ special moments. So of course my baby Quinn had to have one for her half-birthday photo shoot. Unfortunately, there were a few problems with getting that special tutu. Though it looks too cute, I can be frugal at times and was not willing to pay for a pricey tutu in addition to the adorable half-birthday onesie and bow with a party hat (KenaBows did an excellent job by the way!) for a six month old to wear for about a half hour, and I just could not find the right color scheme either.

Actually, this was the perfect opportunity for me to apply some of my crafting skills and save a little money, which I love doing. I’m no fashion designer, but I’m really good at following basic instructions. There are so many tutorials out there, but I located this wonderful You Tube video by Sandy Bell for how to make a tutu provided below. Her video is clearly presented, and I was able to use it as a guide and then make a couple of modifications with the supplies and method for creating the tutu since Quinn is just a baby, and her child is much older.

Here’s all that I purchased to make a $6 tutu:
  1. Purchased Tulle (Pink, Green, Yellow and Blue) at Michael’s because it was on sale, and I was able to use a 40 percent off of my entire purchase coupon: the only way to shop! Each roll was 25 yards for a little over a dollar a piece for a total near $5 including tax.  I still have plenty of tulle left over for future projects too!
  2. Purchased White Crotchet Stretchy Headband (Yes, a headband can fit a baby’s waist) from Michael’s for just a $1 to create a “no sew tutu.”

If you think a tutu would be too cute for your little girl but are just a bit apprehensive about spending $30 or more or you would like to make something special from the heart, give it a try. This mommy did it, and baby, Quinn looks great!

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