Baby Got the “Drop” on Me!

When a baby reaches a milestone, what parent doesn’t get excited? Unfortunately, we can’t witness them all, but there is a way to keep a watchful eye and listening ear even when we are not present (or just not mentally present). Instead of carefully listening to a garbled and static-filled baby monitor as parents did years ago, technology allows us to not miss a crystal clear moment. What would I do without my Dropcam?

A few weeks ago, Quinn was restless but did not want to sleep during her usual bed time, so I sat by her crib playing Lumosity (a great web site with brain games) until she relaxed and went to sleep. Little did I know, my Dropcam captured Quinn pulling herself up to a standing position for the first time in her crib. This let me know that it was time to put her crib to the lowest level. It also confirmed that I’m extremely happy with the camera we’re using as a baby monitor.

If you are looking for not just a baby monitor but a monitor in general, I highly recommend the Dropcam which is “Mommy Approved” by me! I must, however, give my husband credit as he was the one who conducted research for the best baby monitor and selected this one. Here’s a few reasons we went with this monitor:

  1. The video and audio can be viewed from anywhere in the world by using a computer, iPad, iPod or Android. You do just need to have a Wifi connection.
  2. It has a two way microphone feature so that I can listen and talk as well from anywhere, not just inside the home.
  3. The night vision feature is awesome too, and the baby is clearly visible throughout the course of the night.
  4. For an annual fee, you can actually review and save clips from the past.  Without this, I would not this video of Quinn reaching a milestone.
  5. Lastly, it can be used for more than just a baby monitor. Though I’m sure there will be something even more hi tech, it may come in handy when my baby becomes a teen.

If you are going through the process of looking for a monitor, I suggest that you check this one out.  It may be a bit pricier than the basic baby monitors, but it can be used long term. I hope my insight helps.

All the best,


5 thoughts on “Baby Got the “Drop” on Me!

  1. We did the old fashioned, static-y monitor until we realized that we could hear Jude just as well through the wall (that monitor woke me up almost as many times as the baby)! I do wish we tried something like the Dropcam. Now I’m wondering what we might have missed!

    • Initially, I was waking up to every little sound or movement from Quinn since her room is up the hallway. But I’ve gotten better at just watching her from afar to see if she is just trying to get comfortable and just waking up briefly or needs me to physically check in on her. I actually look forward to watching back footage of Quinn. It’s not the most interesting “show,” but I can watch it for hours. When I’m at work, I can even check in on her which I just love.

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