Night Night Crib. It’s Time for the Toddler Bed!

Quinn Jumping Up and Down in Her Toddler Bed

Quinn Jumping Up and Down in Her Toddler Bed

“Yay! Can I bring friends my friends?” my little girl inquired with a wide smile and giggle while jumping up and down. Then, she proceeded to gather up Grover, Thumper, Violet and many other friends. This is an exciting time for Quinn yet an anxious time for her mommy and daddy. We thought we had a little longer, but now that Quinn is doing so well with potty training, we knew the time had come. Our two year old (two years and three months to be more precise) is ready to say “night night” to her crib and wake up refreshed in her toddler bed. While I love watching her grow and reach these milestones, it is an emotional time as my daughter continues to leave behind all that made her my precious little baby and embraces all that makes her a little girl with an inquisitive nature. Though I can close my eyes and reminisce about swaddling Quinn as an infant and laying her to rest in her crib, some of the memories are sadly becoming a blur, and like so many other parents, I wonder where the time went. I can easily recall posting an entry when Quinn was a little over six months and was beginning to stand up in her crib, and now she’ll be hopping in and out of her toddler bed grabbing her stuffed animals to keep her company or maybe even using the potty if she’s so inclined (I’m anxious on how that may turn out). Of course, for the first few weeks or longer we’ll keep an eye on her through our Dropcam to ensure that she is safe and not getting into any mischief if she awakes in the middle of the night and decided to get out of her bed, but I’m still a little nervous as she spends her first night in her toddler bed. I have a feeling it’s going to be one restless night, probably more for me than for Quinn.

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