What Would We Do Without It Wednesdays: Momma Bird Watching Over Her Birdie Nest (Video Chats)

2016-04-04 20.53.41

My Little Girl Waving at Me Through Our Nest Cam

Just this past Monday, I posted a blog entry about missing  my little girl since I’ll be away for many days this week. I didn’t get to kiss her goodnight on Monday and will be away for the next three days. I’ll miss both her and my husband, but it’s great to know that with today’s technology they’re only a Skype, FaceTime or Nest visit away. On Monday, when the event I attended was ending, I quickly checked in on my little girl through our Nest Camera (formally called drop cam), which has been a wonderful resource since Quinn was a little baby, and was able to say goodnight to her from afar. Though she could only hear my voice, I could see her little face light up as she waved goodnight to me with her Christmas pajamas on that she requested her dad let her wear.

This evening, we did a test run with Skype to ensure that it works when I’m away which makes me feel less guilty being away from her and eager to see her face and hear her voice when she’s on my mind. While one can point to the negatives associated with technology and its advancements, I am extremely grateful to be able to connect with my daughter and to see her smiling face. What would we do with out!?

All the best,


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