Let’s Read Baby!

2014-08-27 11.59.49I’ve always enjoyed reading as a child and remember being so excited to select books at the library, local book store or just off of my personal bookshelf at home. It is my hope that my daughter will have the same level of excitement and have a strong affinity for reading. While my daughter was still growing inside of me, I would read to her and feel her kick every so often as though she was delighted with the story and wanted me to read more. Since she was born, my husband and I to read to her least three or more times a day.

2014-06-11 06.45.09What truly amazes me is for the past few months when my little girl Quinn wakes up, she immediately looks for one of her books as though it is the morning paper and casually yet intently leafs through the pages for about ten to fifteen minutes, sometimes even longer. We all think our children are geniuses or special, and Quinn is no exception. For some reason, Quinn has always known which way to hold a book. No matter how many times my husband and I intentionally giver her a book upside down, she will turn it right side up before she starts “reading.” Occasionally, she will read aloud in her special language eagerly pointing to the pictures and identifying the objects she sees when asked. I just love that my inquisitive little girl is so interested in books and will do all that I can to increase her fondness of them.

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