Not Too Little for Chores Baby!

Quinn ready to do some sweeping

Quinn ready to do some sweeping

Clothing yanked from drawers and tossed any and everywhere by a giddy little toddler. Food mashed and tossed onto the floor when she decides she’s full or just doesn’t like the menu. She takes pleasure in balling up, ripping or drawing on any and all papers she comes across. Sometimes I think Quinn believes it is her job to add to the list of chores her daddy and I have to do to keep our home orderly and clean. When we straighten up, my little girl laughs hysterically as she pulls the pillows off of the sofa that we just neatly placed. Though it can be a challenge at times, her laughter still puts a smile on my face.

Interestingly, a few months ago while I was sweeping, Quinn showed an interest and kept wanting to grab the broom or dust pan. She actually wanted to sweep! At that moment, I wondered, “Is she too young to have a basic chore or two?” For fun, I did purchase my little 17 month old her very own broom and dust pan (actually when she was 15 months). Though she still prefers to use mine, she will eagerly grab her broom to “help” me sweep the floor. Presently, putting away her toys or helping me put away her clothes after she has decided to toss them out of the drawers with wild laughter or closing the door after I have loaded the laundry are some of her chores. I want to not only teach Quinn how to be responsible, but I want her to not dread chores but look at them as a way to bring us closer together as a family. What chores do you have your little toddler doing? Is 17 months too young?

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5 thoughts on “Not Too Little for Chores Baby!

  1. It’s great that she is getting started now. I remember the time I walked into the daycare and saw Gem putting toys away with the other kids. This was long before he was 2. At that point I realized he should be cleaning up his toys at home. Now it is a requirement each evening before TV time. He also loves to help with dishes, pretend to vacuum, make baby bottles, do laundry, and help swiffer. I think as long as I’m doing stuff, too and modeling, it’s fun.

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