Big Baby is Watching!

Quinn looking at photos of herself

Quinn looking at photos of herself

Though my little girl is only 19 months, she enjoys leafing through the many photos and videos on my iPad. One video in particular that she plays quite frequently is of her walking for the first time at a little under 11 months. She often smiles and points and signals to me or my husband to watch the video with her as she replays this achievement over and over again. Using an iPad has become so natural for her that I should have known what was coming sooner rather than later. On quite a few occasions, Quinn has taken random “selfie” pictures, but the other day, for the first time, Quinn decided that she wanted to film her first video rather than watch. She recorded a 20 second video basically looking at herself. Now that I know what she is capable of doing, I better watch out because my “big baby” girl is watching and just might start filming me. Who knows, maybe I have a future video production professional on my hands!

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