We Hit the Lotto Baby!

Quinn Getting Ready to Sort

Quinn Getting Ready to Sort

Watching my little 19 month old girl master a skill always puts a smile on my face. She often amazes me and catches me off guard with what she is capable of doing. Since Quinn loves playing on my iPad, I downloaded some  apps through iTunes to stimulate her critical thinking skills. One app in particular which is designed to “enhance vocabulary, hand-eye coordination, categorization, concentration and visual perception” is Tiny Hands Children’s Educational Lotto I. The app involves matching puzzle games where the child drags the object on the card to the identical object on the board. Quinn has been playing this game on occasion for about two months, but she mainly just liked to touch the object so that she could hear the name of it and attempt to repeat it. About a month ago, she figured out how to drag the object across the screen, and within the past couple of weeks, she figured out how the drag the object to the one that matches. Though I still like the “old-fashioned” wooden puzzles and activities that have physical objects she can touch, such as sorting the different color bears as pictured above (as does Quinn), I am extremely impressed with the progress my little one has made in a short duration of time and would highly recommend this app for anyone who has a tech savvy baby like mine. Here’s a video of my little girl matching different clothing items:

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