Oh Christmas Tree…”Ouch” Christmas Tree!

Quinn Examining B.G.'s Ornaments

Quinn Examining B.G.’s Ornaments

I love decorating for the holidays, especially for Christmas. Putting up the lights, garland and tree has always been a childhood favorite of mine, and I want to pass that tradition on to my little girl as well. Last year, at seven months, Quinn did not pay much attention to the tree, but this year she is fascinated with it and loves examining the ornaments. For fun, my husband and I always name our Christmas tree as though he is a part of the family. This year he is “B.G.” (short for Big Green).  Every morning, she enjoys saying, “Hi tree!” or “Hola arbol!” As sweet as this interaction is, Quinn also loves yanking off B.G.’s ornaments and will either stash them in random places or return them to her dad or me with a big grin on her face.

So we came up with a plan which was working for a little while. We convinced her that it hurts him and pretended that he was saying, “Ouch!” whenever she pulled at his ornaments. Initially, she had sympathy for B.G. and would even stroke his tree branch and say, “Sorry” or “No ouch tree!” But lately, she quickly yanks off an ornament and yells out in a high-pitch voice, “Ouch!” Then she scurries off giggling with me or my husband chasing behind her. She thinks this is hilarious, and as much as I want her to stop messing with B.G.’s ornaments, it is quite funny, and I find myself stifling my chuckle from time to time as I catch my little girl sneakily trying to take one of B.G.’s ornaments when she thinks no one is looking. Here’s to new Christmas traditions!

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