I “Heart” Projects with My Sweet Little Girl

Many people focus on how commercialized Valentine’s Day has become or use it to demonstrate the intimate and romantic love they may have for a significant other. While I do make a conscious effort to show love year round, I am grateful to experience the love of my daughter through togetherness and doing special Valentine’s projects together. For this project in particular, we purchased a heart person kit at Target which my two and a half year old selected because she really loved the rainbow hair.

She could not wait to get started. I loved it because the project was a great way for her to follow directions and demonstrate that she knows all of the parts of a face and where they belong. When we finished, she immediately insisted, “We have to show my heart with the crazy rainbow hair and moustache to Daddy! Please, Mommy!” As she went to show it to him, Quinn asked me, “Do you think Daddy will love it?” I responded, “Of course he will!” Her dad smiled and told her that she did such a nice job and that he loved it. She then asked if we could hang it up for everybody to see. I just love doing these projects with my little girl. It’s these sweet moments that I hold near and dear to my heart.

All the best,


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