No More Hanging on to Secrets for My Little Girl

2016-02-10 10.42.25While it was only a little over a year and a half ago that my little girl began putting together two and three word sentences, it seems like she’s been talking since day one. My soon to be three year old (in May of this year) has become so articulate, has questions about everything and wants to share information about everything too. This has been a wonderful experience because we’re having actual conversations where she is responding and engaged in what we’re talking about. She’ll ask me, “How was your day, Mommy?” or “Did you have a good night’s sleep?” When I tell her we will be going somewhere, she’ll ask, “Are we going to Target?” This is one of her favorite stores.

Now, she reminds me of those cutesy children on TV shows who tell any and everything. Just the other day when we were at The Little Gym, she informed her instructor, “We went to Target today. After class, we’re going home for lunch. Mommy said I can’t have a cupcake because I can’t have special treats all the time!” When her father comes home from work, she tends to give him a full report of what we did, and she will do the same for me when I come home from work. Interestingly, she even includes if she didn’t listen or misbehaved at some point throughout the course of the day. “We had breakfast. I ate waffles and sausage. Then I brushed my teeth and used the rinse cup. We played in the play room. Then we went to Target and got milk, cheese and some cereal for you, Daddy! When we came home, Mommy made lunch. I didn’t eat all of my sandwich, but I had a good nap.”

I knew my days were numbered when it came to purchasing gifts and other “surprise” items in front of Quinn, and now with her wanting to share everything she knows, hanging on to no secrets, it looks like I’m going to have to shop for those “special” items without her. When I purchased Valentine’s cards, she couldn’t wait to tell him that we got a special card for him.

On the bright side, my little girl not keeping secrets is great and will come in handy when she does eventually start preschool. It is comforting to know that she is capable of sharing what she did for the day and the interactions she has with others as this will put my mind at ease.

All the best,


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