Mommy’s Memorable Monday : Learning How to Swing

img_1640-1“It’s a nice day! Can we go to the park today, Mommy?” my little girl asked. Though it’s February, I honored her request on this unseasonably warm Monday, and this outing conjured up some childhood memories of my own while my daughter had fun and asked to get on the “big kid” swing all by hersel.

I remember like it was yesterday when my mother taught me how to swing. “When you go up, put your legs up. When you go down, put your legs down!” Wow, it still amazes me that I recall what my mom said and used the exact words to teach my daughter. Even though it’ll be some time before she is swinging like a pro, she impressed me with how quickly she caught on and followed these instructions. The level of excitement I had for her was similar to the excitement I had for myself as a child, if not more. I all sky wanted to giggle and cheer along with her as she went up and down in the swing.

Then, she decided to recite the alphabet as she swung…well excuse me my almost-three-year-old-in-May! Before I know it, she’ll be challenging me to a contest to see who can swing the highest and fastest. Who would have thought taking a quick trip to the park would be so memorable?

All the best,


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