So Much Fun With My Little One: Easter Bunny Hayride at Linvilla Orchards

Yesterday’s weather was perfect to have some family fun outdoors, and with Easter a couple of weeks away my husband and I decided to take our little girl, along with my mother, to Linvilla Orchards to take a hayride to meet the Easter bunny. What’s great about Linvilla Orchards is that there is no fee to enter, and even if we did not do the hayride, we would have still had a lovely time.

The actual hayride price was nine dollars apiece, which is not too steep, but I must admit that I was a bit disappointed that all of the passengers, including us, simply remained on the hayride upon arriving at the Easter bunny’s house. Based on the advertisement, I assumed that the fee included walking around for a little while and being able to take pictures with the Easter Bunny in front of his house and to take pictures of the other Easter and spring decorations. Despite my minor disappointment, Quinn was very happy as the Easter bunny and his helpers stopped by to deliver a little goodie bag with some jelly beans, lollipops and other candies along with a high-five or bunny hug. Maybe I’m just a big kid, but I was hoping to get a little good bag too. As I said, it was a nine dollar fee for everyone. They did, however, give everybody the opportunity to snap a photo or two as the Easter bunny went around to visit the passengers, which was nice.

What really helped me to not fret to much over my absent goodie bag was being able to see the farm animals, such as chickens, roosters, goats and sheep, with my family. We actually spent a great deal of time feeding the goats and sheep carrots. Linvilla Orchards also has a fabulous park area for children of all ages. It was tough getting my soon-to-be three year old to leave. Even though it would be nice if we were able to get off go the hayride, overall, we had a great time and will certainly return to Linvilla Orchards for future activities.

All the best,


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