What Would We Do Without it Wednesday: Enjoying the Outdoors with My Little Girl

2016-03-08 16.54.55Both my daughter and I love spending time outdoors. Though it’s not quite spring, today was absolutely lovely. Of course, my soon-to-be- three year old  enjoys going to the park, but she also likes to explore nature. She wants to run up and down hills, which makes me a bit nervous at times. She points out the clouds, blue sky, squirrels she sees running around and even birds she hears chirping. “Are the birds chirping because they’re happy, Mommy?” she inquires. To which I respond, yes, they may be happy or talking to their friends and family. It’s nice to slow down some and enjoy the simple things and important that we do not take nature for granted. What would we both do without lovely days to explore and enjoy each other’s company?

All the best,


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