Terrific Toy Tuesday: How About A Scoop or Two of Ice Cream?

2016-01-22 10.09.37

Quinn figuring out which scoop to share and which to keep.

“May I have three scoops of ice cream, please?” I inquire. “Yes you may, here’s one, two, three,” my soon-to-be three year old responds. Ice cream can be more than just a tasty treat. I came to this realization after purchasing an educational toy  for my daughter.  She enjoys pretending to work at the ice cream shop…as long as the scoops of ice cream don’t fall to the floor.

This toy, Learning Resources Smart Snack Rainbow Color Cones, comes with two ice cream cones and ten different ice cream flavor scoops. What I like about the color cones is that it promotes imaginative play, and the interaction is never exactly the same. There are times when Quinn will ask, “What flavor would you like, Mommy?” To expand her vocabulary and cognitive development, I will often specify certain flavors she may not be familiar with, and I can see the wheels turning as she takes a moment to figure out which scoop to give me. “I’d like a scoop of strawberry ice cream,” I say. Quinn, without giving it a second thought, will give me a scoop of the pink ice cream. “May I have one more scoop of strawberry ice cream?” I request. “We’re all out of strawberry. How about some banana?” she suggests, reaching for the yellow scoop.

She also loves stacking the scoops of ice cream and then counting how many she has. Just recently she said, “You can have the ice cream cone with one, two, three, four five, six, seven scoops, and I’ll have the cone with three.”

Though we’re still working on her not getting so upset when an ice cream scoop or two fall to the floor after she’s stacked them high, this toy is a fantastic way for my little girl to learn about colors, counting, sharing and even how to deal with the occasional mishap.

All the best,


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