Mommy’s Moments Monday: On the Run With My Little One

Since my daughter was just under a month old, she’s been accompanying me a strolls, fast-paced walks and jogs throughout our neighborhood. We get fresh air, she takes in the many sights, observing her environment, and I do the same while getting my heart pumping with some good exercise. We haven’t been on as many stroller outings within the past few months because of the cold weather, but since March, we’ve been going out quite frequently.

It’s been great, and we often stop off to the park, but there’s a major change I noticed in Quinn during our stroller walks and jogs. Last year, Quinn was content with just looking at her surroundings and occasionally offering commentary on what she saw. Though I would have my headphones on with my music at a low decibel, I’d engage her in discussion, asking her, “Do you hear the birds chirping?” “Is that a squirrel I see over there?” “The light is red. That means we need to stop.”

Now, the tables have turned drastically. There’s no need to engage Quinn at all because  she has countless questions and observations for me. “Mommy, the light is green. That means we can go!” “Look, Mommy. That man is walking his doggie. Where are they good no?” “Let’s go faster, Mommy!” No more can I jog with music when I’m with my little girl because I’m too busy listening to the sweet sounds of her voice and amazed with how articulate and observant she’s become within such a short duration of time. It’s moments like this that make me look forward to the occasional run with my little one.

All the best,


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