Terrific Toy Tuesday: What a Colorful Puzzle!

A little over a year ago, I posted a blog entry entitled  “50 shades The Complexities of Learning Colors Toddler Style “and how tricky it was teaching my daughter, who was not quite two, colors with the many different shades and combined hues. Now, a year later, she has mastered the many different shades and will even say, “This ball is a mix or blue and green” or “This shirt looks like red, but it’s a dark pink, right Mommy?!”

Though we’ve been going over colors since before she was two and even have a color of the week, I cannot take full credit for Quinn’s ability to distinguish colors. One of her favorite games has been an excellent teacher when Quinn wants to apply what she knows independently. I ordered Preschool Colors through Amazon.com, and it teaches more than colors. It helps Quinn problem solve and learn the names of different items. This is one toy we both really love, and I would recommend to any young child learning colors or who just likes doing puzzles.

All the best,


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