Simple Sundays Sayings from My Little Girl

2016-04-11 17.57.41Some of the best shows involve children from “Kids Say the Darnedest Things” to Steve Harvey’s new show, “Little Big Shots.”  My little girl, who will be three in the coming weeks, often amazes me with her displays of wisdom that are far beyond her years. Just the other day when she saw that I was upset, she said, “It’s okay mommy. Just take a deep breath and use your imagination. Imagine that you’re happy!” She reminded me that it all starts in the mind. There are times when I allow the little things to impact my day in a negative way. Then, there are times when it carries on and snowballs throughout the course of the day. Focusing on the positive and even imagining that I’m happy actually does work. It puts me in a better mindset and makes me feel good inside.

Now if only Quinn would take heed to her own advice when she is upset because she can’t get that toy she wants when we go shopping or frustrated because she’s having a difficult time doing something. I’m confident that as she becomes older she will be able to imagine that happy and calm place from within and we will share wise advice to one another.

All the best,


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