Mommy’s Monday Moments: My Little Sprout is Growing Up!


My little girl loves flowers and plants and enjoys helping me water them, so I purchased her a little plant to grow all on her own. It was actually grass that grows in as little as seven days so that she can see the growth process in a short duration of time.

My soon-to-be three year old insisted that we take pictures so that we could see how much her plant grows, which made me think about all of the pictures I’ve taken of her since she was born and how she’s growing up so quickly, physically, mentally and emotionally. We planted her little seedlings a day before I left town for a work-related event, and when I returned just a few days later, the grass was already sprouting up an inch or so. Seven days later, and the grass is  so tall that it needs a trim, which Quinn is eager to do.

Each day since we potted our little grass seeds, my daughter will ask to see her plant and inform me, “We have to keep it in the window so that it gets sun and water it when it’s thirsty, right Mommy!” This plant is not only a wonderful opportunity for her to learn about life and taking care of plants, but it is a terrific representation of my little girl. With proper nourishment and love my little sunshine is growing up so quickly, and it is up to her father and me to “groom” her as necessary so that she may grow into a lovely young lady.

All the best,


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